Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Let the experts at Georgia Direct Carpet help remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

kitchen and bath remodeling  kitchen and bath remodeling  kitchen and bath remodeling

Georgia Direct Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Makes Your Home More Comfortable and Boosts its Market Value Too!

Kitchen & bath remodeling by Georgia Direct will give your home a new, updated look; more value and make it more comfortable for your entire family

Georgia Direct professional kitchen & bath remodeling will make your home look and feel more comfortable for the entire family. By remodeling two of the most important areas in your home, you can be certain that these rooms have all the latest features that you need.

The design professionals at Georgia Direct offer the most complete spectrum of kitchen & bath remodeling supplies and services that you will need. We have the most attractive prices in Richmond and Noblesville as well as the highest quality products. We provide fast installation, free design consultation, and other services at affordable prices. We carry your favorite brands and we offer discounts on flooring, the latest faucets, countertops, and more! You can design your kitchen and bath areas based upon your personal preferences. We’ll help you find those products that ‘fit’ and also provide the services you need to get the kitchen & bath remodeling project completed quickly and properly.

kitchen and bath remodeling  kitchen and bath remodeling  kitchen and bath remodeling

Kitchen & bath remodeling design suggestions

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, your kitchen and bathroom spaces can be used in a variety of ways. Your kitchen can be that place to have a quiet cup of coffee in before work each morning. Perhaps you’ll use it to entertain guests with drinks and some snacks as well. Your kitchen might also be the place where your children get their homework done, or your spot to create your favorite foods.

Bathrooms are equally important. Taking your shower after a long day at the office is always better in a new, modern shower system. Great lighting will definitely make getting ready in the morning a more pleasant task. Ample storage space for family toiletries and house cleaning supplies is important to keep your home well organized. Georgia Direct also has the latest designer toilets and other accessories.

Kitchen & bath remodeling designs should reflect your style

Both your kitchen and bathroom should reflect your personal preferences and compliment your interior design. Here are some remodeling tips to consider as you begin your kitchen & bath remodeling:

Sinks: Sinks and faucets as design accessories have now become a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners. We offer a very wide range of options with different looks and functions.

Countertops: You may need either a large or small surface. Large surfaces are frequently suggested for homeowners who have growing families or entertain guests quite often. Smaller surfaces will work well for customers who will be using these spaces less often or for smaller homes with less useable area to work with. Countertops are available in a variety of materials, from natural stone to stainless steel. These products may often be customized, but there are ‘as-is’ products available as well if you need them and can find them.

Storage: Cabinets are important and utilitarian features in kitchens and bathrooms. Some are equipped with pull-out drawers that make it easier to sort through pots and pans. You can also find medicine cabinets in a diverse selection of sizes and designs to place over the sink. Some of these have additional space built-in to simplify internal organization.

Georgia Direct is your best choice for all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs and services. Call us in either Richmond or Noblesville, or drop by at either of our showroom locations for a personal chat with one of our kitchen & bath remodeling specialists.